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OLayn Leonardio Garcia Cinco

Attorney - Licensed in Mexico
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OLayn Leonardio Garcia Cinco is an attorney from Mexico that is currently dedicating his time to cases at Diamondback Legal. He grew up in Puerto Penasco and is bilingual in Spanish and English. Before joining Diamondback Legal, Leonardio had his own practice in the areas of real estate, business, civil rights, and federal law. He is eager to learn more about immigration and has a passion for connecting with the Hispanic community.

Leonardo believes that all people possess the right to freedom and respect and as such thrives to work tirelessly for our clients to help provide them with the lives they deserve. Leonardo understand that every client has individual needs and a unique case and takes a hands-on approach to providing them with the best care possible. He is eager to gain more knowledge in the field of immigration and help people in need.