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Allison Bignall is a current fourth year undergraduate student studying Law and Justice at Central Washington University. Initially, Allison was pursuing a degree in Business/Marketing, when she quickly developed a desire to enter the field of law. After taking a few introductory courses and realizing how much of an impact the law has on an individual’s sense of power and well-being, Allison switched majors.

Allison has been an athlete her entire life until she suffered a career ending injury playing D1 Elite rugby for Central Washington University. She had a complete labral repair in January of 2019 and has since retired from sports. However, Allison is focused on a path towards competing in the sport of CrossFit and aims to regain the health she had before her injuries. Being an athlete has given her the skills that created her foundation for her career: committed; hard working; honest; focused; confident; passionate.

Allison just moved to the Phoenix area after living in Washington State for twelve years. She aims to pursue a career in the field of law following her undergrad studies but is still unsure of what area she would like to specialize in. She is eager to gain more experience and a better understanding of her legal interest.